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Dope Stories 009 - Media Dope

Shane shares some lyrical insight he grokked from Dead Prez and Wu-Tang Clan. Shane and Pauly discuss the Gus Van Sant film Drugstore Cowboy. Pauly's Dope Media suggestions include a biography on David Foster Wallace and podcasts with Duncan Tressell, Amber Lyon, and Dean Delray. Shane watched Drugs, Inc.: Jamaica. Also, Shane explains his recent run in a poker tournament and how $151,000 is not really what it seems.

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Dope Stories 008 - Dr. Carl Hart, author of High Price

Shane and Pauly interview Dr. Carl Hart, Columbia University professor of neuroscience and the author of High Price. Dr. Hart shares the straight dope on certain drug myths. He spoke on numerous topics including his experiments on behavior in crack users, how there's no scientific evidence for addictive personalities, the importance of clever campaigns explaining the real effects of drugs, the dangers of mixing drugs with alcohol and other drugs, a letter he wrote to his son about how to use drugs safely, and his problem with David Simon's The Wire.

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Dope Stories 007 - World Series of Poker champion Greg Merson

Shane and Pauly interview 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Greg Merson. During their discussion, Merson reveals how poker was both his downfall and savior while he battled an addiction to cocaine and prescription opiates. Within a year of getting clean, Merson won the WSOP Main Event. Merson currently travels the international circuit and playing in high roller tournaments and the biggest stakes cash games, yet he knows that a potential relapse is lurking around every corner.
After the interview, DJ Trent gets schooled on basic poker concepts that Greg mentioned.

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Dope Stories 006 - Tripping in the House I Live In

Description: Shane's crack article in Slate, 50 Cent documentary, Eugene Jarecki's drug war documentary "House I Live In", Shane's bad trips, Pauly's turbulent trip at Phish, Ken Kesey testing LSD for the CIA, Shane's friend busted for weed, web series High Maintenance, and Shane's experiences working for a marijuana delivery service in NYC.

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Dope Stories 005 - The Oxy Years

Shane and Pauly discuss their origins in the NYC underground poker scene and how Pauly got hired to become a poker writer and reporter in Las Vegas. Pauly explains how a car accident in Vegas altered his life and quickly led to an addiction to prescription painkillers. The accident triggered two tumultuous years of soul searching while battling an addiction to OxyContin.

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Dope Stories 004 - Talkin' About Base: Crack 101

Shane buys scratch off lottery tickets, Pauly discusses his chronic insomnia, and Shane reveals his experiences with crack cocaine. Also, Pauly has a theory that George Clinton is an alien.

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Dope Stories 003 - Start Up Dot Weed: The 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup

An overzealous landlord denies Shane new housing because of his affiliation with Dope Stories. Shane tells Pauly about what he missed at the L.A. Cannabis Cup. Dope Stories welcomes its first guest, DJ Trent, who shares his thoughts on the heavy tech influence and innovations on the burgeoning marijuana industry.

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Dope Stories 002 - The Uncool: Philip Seymour Hoffman Remembered

Special episode in response to the OD death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. Shane and Pauly are impressed with Hoffman's haunting performance as compulsive gambler in Owning Mahowny. They also discuss the 90s heroin chic scene in NYC. Pauly shares a few OD stories (DMT, heroin, and the Seattle grunge scene). Shane recalls a James Brown heroin PSA.

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Dope Stories 001 - A rational discussion about drug use.

A rational discussion about drug use.

In this episode:

  • The first time Shane got high in the West Village.
  • The origins of Chemdog and the Kind Bud scene, via the Grateful Dead.
  • Marijuana, opiates, and the NFL.
  • How to get busted in Giuliani's NYC.

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